About Us

About us 

CXO Value was formed in 2015 as a “digital generation value web”, providing strategic advisory, transformation, mentoring & coaching services to the C Suite in a pragmatic affordable manner. 

It’s cornerstones have been built on a set of strong values, a desire to build enduring relationships and on decades of experience with world leading brands, operating as global CXO’s and members of Executive Boards.

Our Purpose

CXO Value simultaneously embraces the age of collaboration, virtual organisations and seizes opportunities to support clients in disrupting their industries and differentiating themselves from old & new competitors alike. 

 We work with clients:-
  • Where we believe we can create new value 
  • To focus on outcomes (at pace and for the long term)
  • With “best in class” associates with whom we have developed trusted relationships over many years 
  • In cut-through practice areas with “Smart innovative” business partners and through co-investment where there’s mutual benefit.
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